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 Introducing The OptiFocus Adjustable Glasses!

Unlike ordinary glasses with fixed magnification, OptiFocus are the world’s first glasses that are fully adjustable...for both eyes!

Simply twist the dials and each lens will adjust to match your prescription...perfect for near, medium or distant tasks.

Ideal for reading, watching TV, using the computer or your phone.

Here's What People Are Saying...

"Before these I had to constantly move closer or further away to see things, straining, hunching over, killing my posture and driving me crazy. But these adjustable lenses make things sooo much easier! 👍 Now whenever I want to switch from my phone to the TV I adjust each lens and everything is crystal clear! I especially love them for reading! Great product and it WORKS! 👌"

 Terence B. Brooklyn, New York

"I find my vision gets weaker by the end of the day, so with my other glasses I had to suffer with blurry vision in the evenings. But not anymore! With these I just dial them up a little and everything is sharp again. 😀 Now I keep a pair in my car and use it for my phone constantly. I was quite skeptical to be honest but I’m definitely a believer now.😎"

 Tracy P.  Los Angeles, California

"I love using these for changing between using my phone and working on the computer. They even work with my contact lenses which is really helpful! ❤️ I got them as a temporary, standby pair while I was waiting for my new glasses, but since they’re so handy I use them all the time now. I’m ordering some for friends this evening. 🙏 "

 Daniel P.  Ann Arbor, Michigan

Get a 2nd OptiFocus FREE with your purchase!*

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